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Pathway to Certification


TMS conduct information gathering on your organisation to ascertain existing compliance to the standard.  This enables us to identify the processes and documentation that are required to be implemented for ISO compliance.



A full and comprehensive risk assessment of identified assets, activities and services is completed. This includes an analysis mechanism of identified risks.


TMS create all the necessary documentation to be fully compliant with the standard(s).  This includes:  Manuals, Policies, Processes, Supporting documents, Reports, Improvement mechanism.
The ISO framework will be reviewed for your approval as being appropriate and reflecting your actual practices.  


TMS conduct ISO Awareness Training for all members of staff using Knowledge.  Showing everyone within the company where the ISO Management System resides and also what their individual role is within the system.  This concludes with a “Test of Understanding".



TMS will carry out a full document review audit and process audit of the ISO Management System.  This will include the production of an audit report with findings, action plans and a Management Review Report.  An internal audit of the ISO Management System will be conducted on an annual basis.  TMS can be available via Microsoft Teams to assist during an external audit.

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