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Team TMS

TMS is comprised of a team of expert Consultants, Auditors, IT and Technical Specialists, who design, implement and manage ISO Systems. 
TMS firmly believe that our knowledge should be your knowledge.

Sally Brown

Sally is a co-founding director of TMS and believes strongly in providing the highest standard and professional services to our clients.
Sally’s determination to implement ISO Management Systems that are “fit for purpose” and fit with the ethos of your organisation ensures that each system is unique.
“ISO Management Systems should be integrated into an organisation, not your organisations process integrated into ISO principles!!”
Favourite quote…  “Make it so…!”

Clair Speakman

Clair is a co-founding Director of TMS 


An environmentalist by education Clair's primary focus is to act as a translator of standards for our clients; her skills lie in conveying the salient requirements for ISO to organisations so that they can do what they do best!
Favourite quote…  “If not now, when?"

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